North Carolina Highway 141

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

US 64 Peachtree US 19, US 74, US 129 Marble

Southern Terminus

No photos available.

Historic Southern Terminus (1983-2010)

This was how US 64 west used to intersect NC 141.   Photo by Adam Froehlig.

This was NC 141 leaving US 64, from 1983-2010.   Photo by Chris Patriarca.

This was US 64 east at NC 141. Now NC 141 south continues ahead out to the new alignment of US 64.   Photo by Chris Patriarca.

Northern Terminus

NC 141 north arriving at US 19-74-129.   Photo by Adam Froehlig.

NC 141 leaving US 19-74-129.   Photo by Adam Prince.

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Last Updated:  May 10, 2014

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