North Carolina Highway 130

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

US 74 Bus, NC 71 Maxton Holden Beach

Western Terminus

US 74 bus west approaching NC 71-130.   Photo by Adam Prince.

NC 71 at US 74 Bus. NC 130 east begins straight ahead.   Photo by Adam Prince.

NC 130 ending at US 74 Bus. NC 71 north begins straight ahead. NC 130 west has ended here since 1940.   Photo by Adam Prince.

Eastern Terminus

NC 130 ending at Ocean View Blvd. im Holden Beach. NC 130 east has ended at this intersection since 1985.   Photo by Jimmy Storey.

NC 130 leaving Ocean View Blvd and heading onto the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge. The old bridge was accessed 2 blocks east of here.   Photo by Jimmy Storey.

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Last Updated:  April 30, 2014

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