North Carolina Highway 125

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

just south of US 13, US 64 near Williamston NC 48 Roanoke Rapids

Southern Terminus

NC 125 south becoming SR 1147 at the Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center. NC 125 south has ended here since 1996.   Photo by Adam Prince.

NC 125 beginning in the other direction.   Photo by Adam Prince.

Historic Southern Terminus (1922-54)

This is NC 125 south at US 17 Business in Downtown Williamston. This was how NC 125 ended from 1922-54.  Photo by Mapmikey, taken July 27, 2006.

Northern Terminus

NC 125 ending at NC 48. NC 125 north has ended here since 1981.  Photo by Jimmy Storey.

NC 48 south at NC 125 in downtown Roanoke Rapids.  Photo by Jimmy Storey.

Historic Northern Terminus (1925-64)

NC 125-903 north arriving at US 301 near Halifax. This was how NC 125 ended from 1925-64.  Photo by Mapmikey, taken July 28, 2006.

US 301 north at NC 125-903. NC 125 used to begin to the right.  Photo by Mapmikey, taken July 5, 2013.

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