North Carolina Highway 110

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

US 276, NC 215 Woodrow US 19, US 23 Canton

Southern Terminus

NC 215 north at US 276 and NC 110 which has begun straight ahead at this intersection since about 1944 (for a short period in the 1960s, NC 110 began to the left).   Photo by Matt Craig.

Northern Terminus

US 19-23 south at NC 110 in Canton.   Photo by Matt Craig.

NC 110 leaving US 19-23. NC 110 north has ended here since 1967.   Photo by Matt Craig.

Historic Northern Terminus (1966-67)

This is NC 215 north at I-40. From June 1966 to Sept 1967, NC 110 ended here at I-40.   Photo by Matthew Craig.

This is the I-40 WB ramp at present day NC 215.   Photo by Matthew Craig.

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