North Carolina Highway 109

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

South Carolina State Line below Wadesboro I-40, US 311 Winston-Salem

Southern Terminus

NC 109 entering North Carolina. NC 109 south has ended here since 1938.   Photo by Chris Patriarca.

NC 109 leaving North Carolina. Check out the vintage black and white wood poles on the welcome sign!   Photo by Chris Patriarca.

Historic Southern Terminus (1928-34)

This is NC 109 Business (also NC 134) approaching NC 24-27 in Troy. From 1928-34, NC 109 ended at NC 24-27 (then NC 74).   Photo by Mapmikey, taken December 7, 2012.

NC 24-27 west at NC 109 Bus/NC 134.   Photo by Chris Curley.

Northern Terminus

NC 109 north ending at I-40/US 311. NC 109 north has ended here since 1995.   Photo by Chris Curley.

NC 109 leaving I-40/US 311.   Photo by Jimmy Storey.

I-40 west at NC 109.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken April 4, 2015.

Historic Northern Terminus (1934-40)

NC 8 south entering North Carolina. NC 109 south began here from 1934-1940.   Photo by Matthew Craig.

NC 8 (old NC 109) leaving North Carolina.   Photo by Matthew Craig.

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