Bridges of Virginia -- 19th Century
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19th Century Bridges of Virginia

Last update (1/24/09): 1870 and 1882 new entries

Year: 1870s
Location:SR 613 over Rappahanock River, just northeast of US 211/VA 229 intersection.
Notes: The bridge had no date on it. VDOT's articles on the recent closing and re-opening of this bridge after somebody drove into it put the date as 1870s.
This may have carried the original VA 21 at one point before 1923.
Fenced off property prevents getting a better shot of the underside of this bridge.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 1/23/09)

Year: 1882
Location:SR 646 over railroad, near Nokesville
Notes: This bridge has never been in the primary system and is actually the responsibility of the railroad for upkeep.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 11/26/08)

Year: 1884
Location:SR 715 over Meherrin River, south of Lawrenceville
Notes: This bridge was placed in the primary system in August 1928 as VA 401 and was part of today's VA 46 until 1949. The historical plque is hard to see but it is dated 1966. This is named the Gholson Bridge.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 1/21/08)

Year: 1885
Location:Chilowhie St over Middle Fork Holston River, Marion
Notes: This bridge looked quite restored. I have no evidence this was part of the original primary route before VA 16.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 8/18/07)

Year: 1887
Location:SR 685 over Craig Creek, west of Eagle Rock
Notes: This bridge was once used by a railroad that ran from Eagle Rock to Oriskany.
Photos: (by Chris E 4/4/04)

Year: 1890
Location:SR 7xx over Maury River, Goshen
Notes: This bridge is just off VA 39 between VA 39 ALT and VA 42. This may have been VA 42 and its predecessors at one time, but not since at least 1935 (VA 42's current bridge date)
Photos: (by Mapmikey 5/27/06)


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