Bridges of Virginia -- 1950s
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1950s Bridges of Virginia

Last update (7/31/09): 1956, 1957 (new entries)

Year: 1951
Location:VA 259 over Linville Creek, in Broadway
Notes: The stoplight is the western end of ALT VA 259.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 3/18/06)

Year: 1952
Location:US 360 over Dan River, South Boston
Notes: From Andrew Snyder - Taken shortly before it was torn down, looking westbound (actually due south here). I believe the structure is nearly half a mile long. US 360 is being widened the remainder of the way from VA 34 to US 58. Traffic was shifted over to new bridge #1 last summer. The old "long bridge" was torn down and new bridge #2 is expected to be completed by sometime in 2007.
Mapmikey -- This was designated in 1948 as VA 34 in the planning stages, but in May 1952 this was changed to VA 304.
Photos: (by Andrew Snyder June 2005)

Year: 1954
Location:SR 626 over Nottoway River
Notes: The white paint adds a nice touch. This is in the middle of nowhere.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 2/19/06)

Year: 1955
Location:VA 40-49 over railroad, Victoria
Notes: This is a late version of this style of railing. By 1955 other types of concrete railings were more common.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 1/30/06)

Year: 1956
Location:VA 253 over South River, Port Republic
Notes: One of two bridges currently in the village of Port Republic. Built over the old race for the former mill and tannery located there. Has sidewalks.
Photos: (by J. Nathan McDonald, 6/3/09)

Year: 1956
Location:VA 253 over North River, Port Republic
Notes: Built as a set with the bridge over the South River (below) in 1956. Due to the narrowness of the land the town is built on both bridge ends can be seen from the middle of town. Up river from the remains of the bridges burned by Stonewall Jackson. Note the tilt and rise because of different elevations.
Photos: (by J. Nathan McDonald, 6/3/09)

Year: 1956
Location:SR 608 over Potomac Creek, Daffan
Notes: Very low to the ground, this bridge is.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 10/19/05)

Year: 1956
Location:US 250 over South River, Waynesboro
Notes: This is metal version of this style of railing, not too common in Virginia. When built this was US 250 ALT. This is also the earliest "mini" date shield I have seen, as well as the earliest "Widened" plate.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 1/26/06)

Year: 1957
Location:VA 253 over Mill Creek, near Goods Mill
Notes: Unsure whether or not it was the direct replacment for an old steel bridge that now rests in a farm pasture or if there was a bridge in between.
Photos: (by J. Nathan McDonald, 6/3/09)

Year: 1959
Location:SR 723 over I-66, near Marshall
Notes: This style of railing was used on many bridges on the early interstate segments in Virginia.
Photos: (by Mapmikey 2/1/06)

Year: 1959
Location:SR 626 over Potomac Creek, near Leeland
Notes: None
Photos: (by Mapmikey 10/19/05)


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