The Highways of North Carolina
U.S. 441 
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U.S. 441  69 miles
The Road: Begins at the Georgia State line below Otto (Macon County) and ends at the Tennessee State Line at Newfound Gap (Swain County).
Nationally US 441 runs from US 41 Miami, FL to I-75 Lake City, TN
Towns and Attractions: Macon Co.: Franklin 
Jackson Co.: Dillsboro, Nantahala Nat'l Forest 
Swain Co.: Cherokee, Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park  
History: US 441 came to North Carolina in 1951:
Added to US 23 from Georgia through Franklin to Dillsboro
Added to US 19-A from Dillsboro to Whittier
Replaced NC 107 from Whittier through Cherokee to Tennessee

1951 Official
Prior to US 441
1951 Official
1952 Official
US 441 comes to NC
1952 Official

Between 1954-57, US 441 was put on its current routing between Georgia and Franklin, leaving behind all the "Old US 23 loops".
Also between 1954-57, US 441 was removed from SR 1331 Brendle Rd in Macon County.
Also between 1954-57, US 441 was placed on new alignment from Greens Creek to Dillsboro, leaving behind an extended NC 116 and SR 1360 Mockingbird Ln (nee Old Franklin Rd).
Between 1963-68, US 441 was removed from SR 1488 (now this is US 441 NB) and SR 1489 Sunset Farms Rd at Wilmont.
In March 1973 (NCDOT), US 441 was placed on a new bypass east of Franklin, leaving behind US 441 Business.

1969 Official
US 441 through Franklin
1969 Official
1974 Official
US 441 bypasses Franklin
1974 Official

In Sept 1974 (NCDOT), US 441 was removed from Haywood Rd leading north and west from Dillsboro.
About 1980, US 441 was reoved from Shoal Creek Church Loop in Qualla and Old US 441 loop south of Cherokee.

Comments: Despite being in mountanous terrain throughout its North Carolina run, US 441 is quite driveable at highway speeds south of Cherokee.
NCDOT does not maintain US 441 through the Smoky Mountain National Park. At Newfound Gap the road reaches to a little over 5000 feet.

Last Update: 11 October 2013

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