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U.S. 25-A 
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Photo: A vintage 25-A shield at the south end of the route. (Adam Prince)
US 25 Alt
U.S. 25-A  1 active segment
The Roads:

US 25-A was born in late 1934 as a renumbering of NC 69. This is the 2nd US 25-A.
US 25-A hasn't changed except that it got its interchange with I-40 in the late 90s. It still cannot access the Blue Ridge Pkwy, however.

1932 Texaco
NC 69 between Skyland and Biltmore
1950 Gen Draft
US 25-A occupies this space

The 1st US 25-A was born between 1939-44 as new primary routing to bypass central Hendersonville using Church St.
Between 1958-62, US 25-A was renumbered as SB US 25. Today it is SB US 25 Business.

1944 Henderson County
US 25A appears on Church St
1957 Henderson County
US 25 NB splits to King while Church (US 25A)
and Main (US 25 SB) still shown as primary
1962 Henderson County
US 25 SB replaces US 25A on Church St

Last Update: 29 January 2010

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