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U.S. 23 Bus 
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Photo: This is US 23 Business at NC 191 in West Asheville (Adam Prince)
US 19 Bus
U.S. 23 Business  3 active segments
The Roads:

The 1st US 23 Business was born in 1960 as a renumbering of US 23-A. It used Haywood Ave through W. Asheville, then Clingman Ave to Patton Ave which was then-US 23.

1958 Official
US 23-A through W Asheville
1960 Official
US 23-A becomes US 23 Bus

The 1961 Official Map suggests US 23 Business was extended over Patton into downtown Asheville to replace mainline US 23 which had been moved onto the East-West Expressway. This would place 23 Business on one-way splits: NB used Patton to Market north to Woodfin west to Broadway north. SB used Broadway south to College west to Patton.
In 1962, US 23 Business was rerouted to follow Hanover St (now I-240) north from Haywood back to mainline US 23. The old route into Asheville proper became SR 3548.

1961 Official
US 23 Bus (mislabeled as 23-A) extended into downtown Asheville?
1963 Gen Draft
US 23 Bus rerouted to Hanover St

The 2nd US 23 Business was born in 1968 when US 23 was placed on a new bypass west of Waynesville.
US 23 Business uses Main St through town and Asheville Rd and mostly follows the route of original NC 10.

1967 Official
US 19A-23 through Waynesville
1968 Official
US 23 Business in Waynesville

The 3rd US 23 Business appeared about 1974 as a renumbering of mainline US 23 which was placed on a new bypass to the west of Dillsboro and north of Sylva.
US 23 Business uses Haywood Rd through Dillsboro, Main St through Waynesville and Asheville Hwy east of Sylva, all of which are the original route of NC 10 except Asheville Hwy.

1973-74 Official
US 19A-23 in Sylva
1974-75 Official
US 23 Business in Sylva

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