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Photo: This is looking at was once the southbound beginning (straight ahead) of US 17-A in Windsor (Mapmikey)
US 17-A
U.S. 17-A  dead

The first US 17-A appears on the 1940 AAA Southeastern States and the 1941 Rand McNally Maps that I have. It ran from US 17 Washington northeast to Plymouth, east through Roper, then north across the Albermarle Sound Bridge, meeting up with US 17 again south of Hertford. The maps show US 17-A multiplexed with NC 32 and NC 37 for its entire run. The 1939, 1940, 1941-42 and 1944 Official Maps do not show this, nor does the 1941 Gen Drafting Map, so it is possible this was only proposed and not actually in place. This had never been part of US 17 and mostly remains NC 32 and NC 37 to this day.
1941 Rand McN
US 17-A Washington to Hertford?

The 2nd US 17-A was born when US 17 was given a newly constructed bypass west ofElizabeth City. W. Ehringhaus St and Road St became US 17-A. In 1960 this was renumbered as US 17 Business, which remains today, although with the recently added newer bypass much farther west, this US 17 Business could be in trouble. This had been the easternmost end of NC 342 as well as part of NC 34.
1936 Pasquotank County
US 17 using Eringhaus
1953 Perquirmans County
US 17-A into Elizabeth City
1962 Pasquotank County
US 17 Business replaces 17A.

The 3rd US 17-A was born about 1954 when the US 17 bypass of Williamston was built to the east. This US 17-A ran along Main street and Washington St. This routing became US 17 Business in 1960, as it remains today. This US 17-A was once original NC 30.

1953 Martin County
US 17 through Williamston
1957 Martin County
US 17-A through Williamston
1962 Martin County
US 17-A becomes US 17 Bus

The 4th US 17-A appeared around 1958 utilizing US 17's original routing through Windsor, as US 17 was put on a new bypass to the east. US 17-A used Granville St and E. Main St. In 1960 US 17-A became US 17 Business. Today it is US 13 Business and NC 308. This was the western end of original NC 342.

1958 Official
US 17-A Windsor
1962 Bertie County
US 17-A becomes US 17 Business

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