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U.S. 170 
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Photo: Old US 170 north at the Virginia State Line (Mapmikey)
US 170
U.S. 170  dead
Formerly: US 170 was an original US Highway, arriving in North Carolina in late 1926. It was added to the entirety of NC 15 from Charlotte to Salisbury; NC 10 from Salisbury to Greensboro; NC 70 from Greensboro to Virginia.
It began at Trade St (US 74, NC 20-27 then), heading northeast on Tryon St, which US 170 used to head northeast out of Charlotte. Leaving Charlotte US 170 followed NC 15 northeast to Newell ("Old Concord Rd" today), and Harrisburg before veering off today's NC 49 on Old Charlotte Hwy to Concord via Cabarrus Ave and Church St (today's NC 73), then north to Kannapolis-Landis-China Grove (all via Main St) and Salisbury, where NC 15 ended.
Initially, Charlotte to Salisbury may have been envisioned to be part of US 21.

1926 Auto Trails Map
1926 Auto Trails
Rand McNally shows U.S. 21 on U.S. 170's southern half
1928 Gen Drafting
U.S. 170, present and accounted for
1928 Gen Draft
1932 Texaco
U.S. 29 replaces U.S. 170
1932 Shell

US 170 followed current US 29 through Salisbury and Spencer. Just after the Yadkin River Bridge, US 170 used Salisbury Rd through Lakeview, then Main St through Lexington. US 170 used Greensboro St northeast of Lexington, then "Old US 29" to Pilot. US 170 then used Lexington Ave and Main St through Thomasville. US 170 followed Turner St, then NC 68 to High Point. US 170 left today's NC 68 at English Rd, then used Main St and Montlieu out to Greensboro Rd, then Greensboro Rd and main St to Jamestown. US 170 then used High Point Rd through Sedgefield as it approached Greensboro.
US 170 continued northeast to Jamestown (Greensboro Rd and Main St), Sedgefield (High Point Rd) and into Greensboro, where US 29 used High Point Rd to Lee St (current NC 6) to Fairground Ave, then Spring Garden St. to Aycock St to West Market St. to Greene St., and finally to Summit Ave, where US 170 (now paired with NC 70) headed northeast to Browns Summit, then Old Reidsville Rd to today's US 29 Bus.
US 170's route through Reidsville utilized Scales St to Madison St back to today's US 29 Bus, then north to Ruffin, then along Mayflower Rd and "Old US 29" to Pelham and Shelton before heading into Virginia about where the current railroad crosses the state line heading for Danville and ultimately Lynchburg.
In 1932, US 170 was renumbered as an extended US 29.

1926 Official
NC 70 north of Greensboro
1926 Official
1926 Auto Trails
US 170 north of Greensboro
1926 Auto Trails
1932 Texaco
US 29 replaces US 170
1932 Shell

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