The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 897 
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N.C. 897  dead
NC 897: An original state highway, running from NC 60-65 4th St Winston Salem (predecessor to US 158-421) north on Liberty St which it used out to today's Old Walkertown Rd. NC 897 followed this to Walkertown, then picked up Pine Hall Rd. NC 897 followed Pine Hall Rd northeast through Forsyth and Stokes Counties, becoming Lindsey Bridge Rd in Rockingham County. NC 897 entered Madison this way, then used US 311 over to US 220 Business.
NC 897 used 220 Bus through Mayodan, then continued on old US 220 through Stoneville and Price into Virginia, where the road became VA 33.
In 1925, NC 897 was renumbered as part of NC 77.

1924 Official
NC 897 W-S to Virginia
1925 Official
NC 897 becomes NC 77

NC 897 was probably the highest number in the USA when it was christened. However, it was a short lived title, as Virginia created VA 1141 in 1923. NC 897 was a rare instance of a daughter being the endpoint of its parent.

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