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N.C. 770 
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Photo: NC 770 and NC 87 were once cutout to run through Eden (Michael Summa)
NC 87-770 cutout assembly
N.C. 770  31 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 704 east of Sandy Ridge (Stokes County) and ends at the Virginia state line east of Draper (Rockingham County). The road does not continue as primary routing in Virginia.
Towns and Attractions: Stokes Co: None
Rockingham Co:Stoneville, Eden, Draper
History: NC 770 was born about 1930 as new primary routing. It ran from US 311/NC 70 Stoneville (now just Henry St) east to NC 54 (current S. Hamilton St) Leaksville (now Eden).
In 1933, NC 770 was extended east as new primary routing through Leaksville and Draper to the Virginia State Line.

1930 Official
NC 770 (1930-33)
1933 Official
NC 770 (1933-34)

NC 770 was extended west to NC 704 as new primary routing in 1934, but not over modern 770. NC 770 was multiplexed with US 311 (later US 220) south 2 miles before heading west over today's SR 1339 Mayo River Rd. (bridge gone now?) and SR 1395 Janet Rd, I believe.

1936 Official
NC 770 extended to NC 704

In 1966, NC 770 was given its direct routig west of Stoneville.
1965 Official
NC 770 in Stoneville (1934-65)
1966 Official
NC 770 in Stoneville (since 1966)

In 2000, NC 770 was placed on a perimeter road around the south of Eden, then matched with NC 14 back to where NC 770 headed east to Draper. The old route through Eden is C. Stone Hwy, Boone Rd, and Church St.
1999 Official
NC 770 in Eden (1933-99)
2000 Official
NC 770 in Eden (since 2000)

Comment: I had always thought NC 770 east of Eden would've made a good candidate for US 360 to be extended west from Danville Virginia (the secondary road in Virginia is excellent), to extend over NC 135 and replace the upper half of US 311. Crazy idea, I know. Especially since North Carolina has extended US 311 northeast to Eden...

Last Update: 5 January 2006

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