The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 610 
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Photo: NC 610 ending at then-US 311 (Mark Clifton)
NC 610
N.C. 610  1.94 miles
The Road: Begins at US 311 near High Point and ends at NC 62 near Archdale all within Guilford County.
Towns and Attractions: Guilford Co: Suburban reach of both High Point and Archdale
History: NC 610 was born in 1930 (see scan below). It ran just like it does now, except NC 62 was called NC 61 (thus the selection of 610 as the number, natch). NC 61 became NC 62 not long after, but 610 didn't get the memo.
1930 Official
NC 700's initial routing

Comment: NC 610 is Fairfield Rd. in the High Point/Archdale area. There is not much point to NC 610 anymore (if there ever was one), as I-85 now runs nearby and the US 311/I-74 freeway will be along one day soon...

Last Update: 17 November 2007

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