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N.C. 306 
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Photo: NC 306 really does meet NC 92-99 (Adam Prince)
NC 306
N.C. 306  39 road miles
The Road: Begins at NC 101 east of Havelock (Craven County) and ends at NC 92-99 Gaylord (Beaufort County).
Towns and Attractions: Craven Co: Neuse River Ferry
Pamlico Co: Minnesott Beach, Arapahoe, Grantsboro
Beaufort Co: Aurora, Pamlico River Ferry
History: NC 306 was born in 1930 as new primary routing. It ran from NC 302 (current NC 55) Grantsboro south to Minnesott Beach.
In 1932, NC 306 was extended north as new primary routing to NC 33 near Aurora.
In Oct 1976 (NCDOT), NC 306 was extended both directions:
1. north by heading east with NC 33 to Aurora, then north replacing SR 1004 to the Pamlico Ferry and also replaced SR 1760 north of the river to NC 92.
2. Upgrading SR 1352 to Wilkinson Pt. and then across the Neuse River Ferry, then connecting to NC 101 as new construction.
In March 2001 (NCDOT), NC 306 was rerouted north of NC 33. From 1977-2001, it had followed today's 306 to Creedmur Rd, then did a quick S to the west, then went straight north past current 306 to where the RR runs E-W, then followed the RR east to where 306 picks it up now, which starts to curl northeast, then north. About where it transitions to heading north now, original 306 kept on the northeast then ENE to reach the ferry landing. Now, NC 306 was removed from the long straight north routing just past Creedmur Rd and instead heads like it does now further northwest to the RR, then follows it north a bit before cutting northeast as it does now to reach the RR again, and followed the 1977 routing from here to the ferry.
In 2010, NC 306 was changed again well north of Aurora and removed from the northeast and ENE routing to the ferry to instead continue following the railroad to nearly the edge of the Neuse River, then following the river edge to the ferry as it does today.
1930 Official

1930 Official
N.C. 306 is born
1933 Official

1933 Official
N.C. 306 extended north
1978-79 Official

1978-79 Official
N.C. 306 extended across 2 ferries
1978-79 Official

2019-20 Official
N.C. 306 given less direct routing from NC 33 to ferry

The Neuse River crossing is being considered for a bridge to replace the ferry.

Last Update: 24 November 2020

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