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N.C. 241 
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Photo: NC 241 leaving NC 24 (Tim Smith)
NC 241
N.C. 241  9 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 24-41-111 Beulaville (Duplin County) and ends at NC 11 Pink Hill (Lenoir County)
Towns and Attractions: Duplin Co: Beulaville
Lenoir Co: Pink Hill
History: NC 241 was born in 1972, running the way it does now. This was an upgrade to Duplin SR 1005 and Lenoir SR 1106. This is the 3rd NC 241.

1971-72 Official
NC 241 not here yet
1972-73 Official
NC 241 appears with a rare map error

The first NC 241 was very short lived. It appeared in 1923 as new primary routing from NC 60 (now US 421) Jonesboro southeast to then-NC 24 Fayetteville. In 1924 this was renumbered as an extended NC 53. Today it is generally NC 87 except it used loop roads Harvey Faulk Rd; Walker Rd through Swann; Seawell Rosser Rd through Olivia; "Old NC 87" through Pineview; Main St through Spring Lake to the Fort Bragg area. NC 241 then used today's NC 24 to Fayetteville where it used Fort Bragg Rd and ending at NC 24 (now just where Morganton, Hay, and Broadfoot Ave all come together).

1923-24 Auto Trails
NC 241 Fayetteville to Jonesboro
1924 Official
NC 53 replaces NC 241

NC 241 #2 appeared in 1930 as mostly new primary routing. It began at NC 70 (now NC 5) Aberdeen and proceeded south to Laurinburg as new routing. NC 241 duplexed with NC 24 (now US 401 Bus) through town, then split south on Caledonia St to the settlement of Johns. A small part of this stub was part of the early 20s routing of NC 24.
In 1931, NC 241 was extended south and east to curl around to NC 71 (now NC 130) Seven Bridges. Here the route used today's McLean Rd/Benjamin Rd/NC 83 to make that connection.
About 1932, NC 241 was straightened out between Laurinburg and Aberdeen, much of which was new construction. The old 241 used today's Watch Plant Rd/Laurel Hill Rd/NC 144; Turnpike Rd/Harris Rd; destroyed routing; the N-S part of SR 1332 into Camp Mackall; County Line Rd; N-S portion of Penwood Rd.

1930 Official
NC 241 hugging county line
1933 Official
NC 241 straightened out

Also in 1932, US 311 was assigned to all of NC 241.
Also in 1932, NC 241 was rerouted away from Seven Springs and instead continued southwest to NC 71 (now 130) Raymond.
In late 1934, both US 311 and NC 241 were renumbered as part of US 501.

1930 Official
NC 241 extended to NC 71
1931 Official
NC 241 extended to NC 71
1933 Official
NC 241 south end moved
1936 Official
NC 241 becomes US 501

Comment: NC 241 provides a direct route for points due south of Kinston.

Last Update: 27 March 2009

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