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N.C. 202 
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Photo: A view of old NC 202 which probably didn't look much different back then (Adam Prince)
NC 202
N.C. 202  dead

NC 202 was an original state route that ran from NC 20 (now Strawberry Blvd) Chadbourn west through Fair Bluff and into South Carolina via today's Causey Rd.
In late 1926, US 17 was added to all of NC 202.
In 1929, NC 202 was removed from Causey Rd and put on current US 76 below Fair Bluff.
In late 1934, NC 202 was renumbered as US 76.
Although it looks like perhaps NC 202 could have used Baldwin Rd in Cerro Gordo and Railroad St in Grists and Chadbourn. I have found no evidence this has occurred. There is a 1915 soil map of Columbus County that shows a road following today's US 76 in these areas.

1926 Official
NC 202 stays north of RR into S.C.
1929 Official
US 17/NC 202 rerouted at Fair Bluff

Last Update: 25 November 2009

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