The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 153 
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Photo: NC 153 leaving NC 152 (Matthew Craig)
NC 153
N.C. 153  3 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 152 Five Points and ends at SR xxxx Main St in Landis, all within Rowan County.
Towns and Attractions: Rowan Co: Landis

History: NC 153 was born in 1930 as new primary routing, running as it does now. THe only thing that has changed is that its eastern endpoint vacillated between US 29 and US 29A over the years before losing its primary status altogether. 1930 Official)
NC 153 appears
1930 Official
Comment: NC 153 should either be extended one direction or the other on Main St in Landis or decommissioned.

Last Update: 13 May 2010

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