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N.C. 10-A  dead
Formerly: There have been at least 3 NC 10-A's:

NC 10-A #1: The first NC 10-A was born in late 1930 as a renumbering of a short-lived NC 110. This was the famous Newton Bypass that created legal hassles for the state a few years prior. Details of this episode are located on the NC 10 page. US 70 was assigned to the entirety of NC 10-A already when NC 110 was renumbered. In 1934 NC 10-A was dropped from the US 70 duplex.

1930 General Drafting
NC 110 bypassing Newton
1930 Official
NC 10-A bypassing Newton

NC 10-A #2: The second NC 10-A was born about 1932 as a renumbering of NC 100. It ran on what had originally been NC 10 through Gibsonville and Elon College on its way to Burlington. In 1934 NC 10-A went back to being NC 100 because NC 10 in the area had been removed from its long US 70 duplex. Today this is mostly NC 100 still, except in Elon College it is just Haggert Ave.

1930 Official
NC 100 going to Gibsonville-Elon College
1933 Gousha
NC 10-A going to Gibsonville-Elon College

NC 10-A #3: The final NC 10-A appeared in 1933 as new primary routing, as a route around the northern side of High Point. US 70 was paired with this NC 10-A while US 29 stayed with the original route of NC 10.
This NC 10-A is shown but not labeled on the 1933 Official. A 1937 Texaco Map of NC-SC shows this erroneously still labeled as NC 10-A, as the 10-A designation was dropped in 1934. Today this is Westchester Drive (part of NC 68 now) and Lexington Ave.

1937 Texaco
NC 10-A around the north end of High Point

Oddly, none of the NC 10-A's was a renumbering of NC 10 and only one had ever been part of NC 10 at any point...

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