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N.C. 91 
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Photo: NC 91 ending at US 264 (Adam Prince)
NC 91
N.C. 91  11 miles
The Road: Begins at US 13-258/NC 903 near Snow Hill and ends at US 264 near Walstonburg, all within Greene County.
Towns and Attractions: Greene Co: Walstonburg
History: NC 91 was born 1947 as new routing, running from US 258/NC 102 Snow Hill to US 264 (now 264-A) Walstonburg.
In 1961, NC 91 was extended south with US 258 into Snow Hill, then southeast to Kinston (replacing US 258) where it ended at US 70 Bus/US 258 Bus/NC 11 Bus (Vernon at Queen)
In 1970, NC 91 south was truncated back to its 1948 ending. Snow Hill to Kinston became part of a rerouted NC 58.
1948 Gen Draft
NC 91 appears
1961 Official
NC 91 extended to Kinston
1971 Official
NC 91 returned to Snow Hill

In 1975, NC 91 was extended south through Snow Hill again, this time replacing Greene SR 1002 and Lenoir SR 1002 to end at US 70 La Grange.
In 1977, NC 91 south was truncated back to its ending again. Snow Hill to Kinston became part of an extended NC 903.

1969 Official
NC 91 extended to LaGrange.
1978 Official
NC 903 extended to LaGrange.

Between 1985-87, Officials started showing NC 91 north extended along US 264 west to end at NC 58 near Wilson. Around 1988, US 264 was removed from this extension and placed on new freeway.
In 2001 or 2002, NC 91 was removed from Wilson to Walstonburg, replaced by US 264-A. Instead, NC 91 is shown to extend north to NC 222. I'm not convinced that 91 went to 222 instead of a map error.
Officials from 2003 forward show NC 91 truncated to the US 264 freeway.
1987 Official
NC 91 extended with US 264
2002 Official
NC 91 rerouted to NC 222?
2003 Official
NC 91 ending at US 264 freeway

The first NC 91 was an original state highway, running from NC 90 (now NC 97) Lizard Lick then headed south on Marshburn Rd to Wendell, then along Morpheus Bridge Rd and Earpsboro Rd, then Taylors Mill Rd to Middlesex. NC 91 used Old Middlesex Rd to Bailey, then US 264-A to Wilson. In Wilson NC 91 used Raleigh Rd and Hines Rd, then picks up today's US 264-A through Saratoga towards Farmville.
NC 91 picked up NC 121 to Farmville, then used Moye-Turnage Rd southeast to US 13-264A. NC 91 followed US 13 to Greenville, then used Dickinson Ave and 10th St through town. NC 91 then used NC 33 east to Chocowinity (except it used Grimes Farm Rd east of Grimesland). NC 91 followed US 17 north to Washington (old alignment was a little west at Wichards Beach Rd to bridge). NC 91 then used NC 32 east past Market St, then cut northeast to US 264.
NC 91 followed Old Bath Hwy, then US 264 east to Pantego and used Old Belhaven Rd and 264 Business through Belhaven. NC 91 continued on US 264 to Swan Quarter except it used the Scranton loop. NC 91 entered Swan Quarter via NC 45 and ended in town.

1922 Auto Trails
NC 91 Zebulon to Swan Quarter

In 1926, NC 91 was rerouted on its west end to begin at NC 90 (now NC 97 at Shepard School Rd) Zebulon east along today's NC 97, then east on old US 264 to NC 39, then current US 264-A through Middlesex and Bailey.
1923 Auto Trails
NC 91 beginning northwest of Wendell
1926 Official
NC 91 rerouted west of Bailey

In 1930 NC 91 was extended east as new primary routing to Englehard, using NC 94 east of Swan Quarter and US 264 for the rest.

1930 Official
NC 91 extended to Englehard

Also in 1930, NC 91 was extended west as new primary routing using NC 96, then Fowler Rd to Rolesville Rd north trhough Rolesville, then Everett Rd north then Jones Dairy Rd northwest, then NC 98 and 98 Bus to Wake Forest. NC 91 used Old NC 98 and Old Keith Rd at Falls Lake, then NC 98 to Durham. NC 91 used Holloway St to Cleveland St north to Chapel Hill St west to end at US 15-501/NC 55-75 Magnum St.
In 1932, US 264 was assigned to all of NC 91 from Zebulon to Englehard.
In late 1934, NC 91 was dropped from US 264, leaving only the Durham to Zebulon route intact as NC 91.
In 1940, NC 91 was rerouted to use NC 96 from Zebulon to today's NC 98 then west to Wake Forest. The old diagonal route has been secondary ever since.
In 1941, NC 91 was renumbered as NC 264.
1930 Official
NC 91 extended to Durham
1940 Official
NC 91 shifted east of Wake Forest
1941-42 Official
NC 91 replaced by NC 264

NC 91's current route has had a chaotic history with its southern yo-yoing through Snow Hill.
Original NC 91 was 206 miles long.

Last Update: 28 March 2009

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