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N.C. 41 
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Photo: NC 41's first northbound reassurance (David Brunot)
NC 41
N.C. 41  147 miles
The Road: Begins at US 70 near Cove City (Craven County) and ends at the South Carolina State Line near Marietta (Robeson County). The route continues 125 miles as SC 41 to end at US 17 Mt. Pleasant, SC.
Towns and Attractions: Craven Co.: None  
Jones Co.: Trenton  
Duplin Co.: Beulaville, Wallace  
Sampson Co.: Harrells  
Bladen Co.: White Lake, Elizabethtown  
Robeson Co.: Lumberton, Fairmont  
History: NC 41 was born about 1928 as new primary routing. It ran from NC 40/US 17-1 (now part of NC 11) Tin City northeast to NC 24 (now SR 1800) east of Jacksons Crossroads.
In 1929, NC 41 was extended west from Tin City to Wallace. Also, NC 41 was extended northeast to NC 12 (now NC 58) near Trenton.
In 1930, NC 41 was extended west to NC 60 (now US 421) Harrells.
In 1932, NC 41 was extended west again as new routing, to US 701/NC 23 White Lake.

1928 Gen Draft
NC 41 expanded
1929 Official
NC 41 expanded
1930 Official
NC 41 extended to NC 60
1933 Official
NC 41 extended to White Lake

Between 1934-36, NC 41 was rerouted between Chinquapin and Beulaville onto its current routing instead of today's Old Chinquapin Rd.

1930 Duplin County
NC 41 original Beulaville approach
1936 Duplin County
NC 41 moved to modern routing

In late 1934, NC 41 was extended with US 701 into Elizabethtown, then replaced NC 201 through Dublin and Lumberton, then replaced NC 70 south through Fairmont to South Carolina.
1933 Official
Lumberton surroundings in 1933
1936 Official
NC 41 extended to Lumberton and SC.

Between 1937-44, NC 41 was rerouted in the Comfort area, leaving behind Old Comfort Rd.
In 1952, NC 41 was rerouted west of Harrells to its modern routing. Most of the old routing to Tomohawk became part of NC 411.

1939 Official
NC 411 initial routing
1952 Shell
NC 411 extended both directions in 1952

In 1959 or 1960, NC 41 was rerouted to avoid Dublin and run directly from Elizabethtown to Lumberton. The old route used today's NC 87 and SR 1191, Old NC 41.
1958 Official
NC 41 through Dublin
1960 Official
NC 41 avoids Dublin

NC 41 east was extended through Trenton to US 70 as new primary routing around between 1980-82. This replaced some of SR 1001.

1979-80 Official
NC 41 ending at NC 58
1982-83 Official
NC 41 extended to US 70

Sometime in recent years (official maps do not give away the date) NC 41 was rerouted in Lumberton. Coming in from the east, NC 41 cuts south with NC 211, then west with NC 72 back to Fairmont St. Elizabeth Ave became SR 2055 and Pine St became more of SR 1997.
1968 Robeson County
NC 41 using Elizabeth and Pine through Lumberton
2008 Robeson County
NC 41 using NC 211 and NC 72 through Lumberton

NC 41 changes directional designations at Lumberton from N-S to E-W.
NC-SC 41 is a good way to backdoor your approach to Charleston, SC from I-95 if you don't mind a lot of 2-lane emptiness in your travels.
Based on its shape nobody would intentionally drive NC 41 from end to end as a through route.

Last Update: 22 June 2008

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