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N.C. 21 
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Photo: an old NC 21 alignment is recognized today (Adam Prince)
NC 21
N.C. 21  dead
NC 21: An original state highway. In 1922 it ran from the South Carolina border below Fairmont (continued as SC 47 to Lake View), north to Lumberton (crossing its parent NC 20 - now NC 72), St. Pauls, Fayetteville, Lillington, and ending at NC 10 in Raleigh. NC 21 entered Raleigh on Fayetteville St. and NC 10 used Cabarrus St from the east and took over on Fayetteville St. NB.
In 1925, NC 21 was rerouted from Fayetteville southward. Now NC 21 ran southeast to Dublin, Elizabethtown, and Clarkton before ending at NC 20 (current US 74-76 Bus) in Whiteville. Fayetteville to Whiteville had been part of NC 22 before this. The Fayetteville to Lumberton segment was renumbered as part of NC 22 (this is Gillespie St in Fayetteville, US 301 through St Pauls, and Fayetteville Rd/Pine St in Lumberton), while Lumberton to the South Carolina line became part of NC 70 (this is part of NC 41 today).

1924 Auto Trails
NC 21 down to Lumberton and SC
1925 Official
NC 21 swaps with NC 22

About 1928, NC 21 was rerouted again, this time at Elizabethtown. NC 21 was sent southeast to end at US 17/NC 20 (current US 74-76) near Acme. This replaced the original NC 231. NC 21's old route to Whiteville became part of NC 23 (today this is US 701 and 701 Businesses).

1926 Auto Trails
NC 231 southeast of Elizabethtown
1929 Official
NC 21 replaces NC 231

In 1929, NC 21 was extended north from Raleigh as new primary routing to end at US 15/NC 75 Creedmoor.

1924 Auto Trails
NC 21 Fayetteville to Raleigh
1929 Official
NC 21 extended to Creedmoor

The extension through Raleigh in 1929 was routed this way by 1930: Glendale St north to W. South St east to Fayetteville St north to the Capitol Square, then north on Halifax St, west on W. Peace St and north up St. Mary's St out of town.
In 1931 or 1932, NC 21 was rerouted within Raleigh: Glendale St and Saunders St north to W. Cabarrus St, then east to Dawson St then north to W. Jones St, then east to Halifax just north of the Capitol Square and out of Raleigh as before. The previous streets used became city street except W. South St which was part of NC 10.

1926 Auto Trails
NC 21 ends in Raleigh
1930 Wake County map
NC 21 extended through Raleigh
1932 Texaco
NC 21 rerouted through Raleigh

In 1932, US 401 was assigned to NC 21 from Raleigh to Fayetteville.
In 1934, NC 21 was eliminated:
Creedmoor to Raleigh became NC 13 (today this is NC 50; Beaverdam Rd/Old NC 21; NC 50; Old Creedmoor Rd; NC 50 down to the Glenwood/St. Mary's split) xxx)
Raleigh to Fayetteville became US 15 (today this is US 401 and 401 Business
Fayetteville to Acme became NC 28 (Ramsey St; NC 24; Wilmington Hwy to below I-95; NC 87; NC 87 Bus; NC 87; Old Acme Rd

1935 Gousha
NC 21 now US 15 and NC 13
1936 Official
NC 21 changed to NC 28

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