The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 17 
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N.C. 17  dead
NC 17: An original state highway, running from NC 10 (likely 2nd St NE at 2nd Ave NE) in Hickory north up 2nd St to 3rd Ave, then west to Old Lenoir Rd out of town; thence to Granite Falls, Hudson, and Lenoir before ascending the mountains to Blowing Rock and ending at NC 60 (current US 221-421) Boone.
In 1930, NC 17 was extended south as new routing to NC 113 (current NC 10). Also in 1930 US 321 was added to NC 17 from Boone to Hickory.
In 1934, NC 17 was eliminated. North of Hickory became part of US 321 (today this is all of US 321-A and includes a small piece of NC 268 in the Patterson Area. US 321 up the mountain to Boone except 321 Business through Blowing Rock was NC 17). South of Hickory became an extended NC 96 (mostly NC 127 today).

1924 Official
NC 17 initial routing
1930 General Drafting
NC 17 extended to NC 113
1936 Official
NC 17 replaced by US 321 and NC 96

NC 17 north may have been truncated to Blowing Rock when NC 691 (later renumbered as NC 28) was extended over NC 175 to Blowing Rock and to Boone and northeast to Jefferson and beyond. It is unknown if NC 17 remained on the Blowing Rock to Boone stretch.

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