US Highway 117

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

Port of Wilmington US 301 Dixie

Southern Terminus

US 117 ending at the Port of Wilmington. US 117 south has ended at this location since 2003.   Photo by Joe Babyak.

US 117 leaving the Port of Wilmington.   Photo by Joe Babyak.

Former Southern Terminus (1973-2003)

From 1973-2003, US 117 south ended at US 421/NC 133 northwest of Wilmington. Here is US 117 south ending at that intersection.   Photo by Jimmy Storey, taken 2001.

This was the view from US 421 north (which is now also US 17-74). US 117 north began to the right.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken 2011.

Northern Terminus

US 117 coming to an end at US 301 in Dixie. US 117 north has ended at this location since 2009.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken 2011.

Former Northern Terminus (2003-09)

This is today's I-795 north and US 264 west approaching the I-95 interchange west of Wilson. From 2003-09, US 117 north was routed to end at I-95.   Photo by Craig Zeni.

Former Northern Terminus (1932-early 50s)

This is Dixie Inn Rd east approaching US 117. From 1932 to the early 1950s, This was US 301 north approaching US 117 (right turn).   Photo by Mapmikey, taken 2011.

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