Decommissioned North Carolina Highway 15

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

NC 15 #1 (1922-29) NC 20-27 Charlotte
(1929-34) South Carolina State Line
(1922-34) NC 10-80 Salisbury

#1 Southern Terminus

NC 49 leaving North Carolina via the now-replaced Buster Boyd Bridge over Lake Wylie. This is the general location where NC 15 south used to leave North Carolina. This bridge, built in 1961, replaced the bridge that NC 15 had used.   Photo by Adam Prince

NC 49 (old NC 15) entering North Carolina.   Photo by Adam Prince

NC 49 entering North Carolina on the Buster Boyd Bridge completed in 2001.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken April 4, 2015

#1 Northern Terminus

No photos available

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