Decommissioned North Carolina Highway 102-A

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

NC 102-A #1 (1937-49) US 117/NC 101 Goldsboro (1937-49) US 70-117/NC 101-111 Goldsboro

#1 Southern Terminus

This is US 117 Business north at Chestnut St in western Goldsboro. From 1937-49, US 117-NC 102 turned right and NC 102-A began straight ahead.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken July 5, 2013.

#1 Northern Terminus

This is US 70-117 Business Ash St east approaching Center St in central Goldsboro. From 1937-49, this was NC 102-A coming to an end at US 117/NC 102.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken July 5, 2013.

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