North Carolina Highway 108

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

US 176 Tryon US 74 Bus, US 221, US 221 ALT Rutherfordton

Western Terminus

This is NC 108 ending at US 176 in Tryon.   Photo by Adam Prince/Brian LeBlanc.

Northern Terminus

This is the first NC 108 reassurance location. NC 108 begins about a block behind this photo at US 74 Bus/US 221/US 221 ALT. NC 108 east has ended at that intersection since the early 1950s. Up until 1994 this posting was where NC 108 and US 74 Bus split.  Photo by Adam Prince/Brian LeBlanc.

NC 108 east at the same intersection as above. Thus, NC 108 ends a block to the right. I don't believe NC 108 ever ended at this intersection.   Photo by Adam Prince/Brian LeBlanc.

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Last Updated:  April 29, 2014

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