North Carolina Highway 78

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

US 1, US 15, US 501 Tramway US 421 Bus, NC 42, NC 87 Sanford

Western Terminus

US 1-15-501 north at NC 78 in Tramway.   Photo by Chris Curley.

Eastern Terminus

US 421/NC 87 north at NC 42-78 in southeastern Sanford. This will be US 421 Business soon if not already. NC 78 east has ended here since 1966.   Photo by Jimmy Storey.

NC 42 west at US 421/NC 78-87. NC 78 begins straight ahead.   Photo by Jimmy Storey.

US 421 south, with NC 42-87 at NC 78.   Photo by Jimmy Storey.

NC 78 arriving at US 421, NC 42-87. For some reason NC 87 is not signed from this direction.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken July 5, 2013.

Historic Eastern Terminus (1940-61)

NC 78 Main St east at Lee St. From 1940-61 Lee St was US 421 and NC 87 NB, and SB continued straight ahead on Main. Thus, NC 78 east ended here during that time.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken July 5, 2013.

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