North Carolina Highway 14

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

US 29, US 158 Reidsville Virginia State Line at Eden

Southern Terminus

NC 14 arriving at US 29 Bypass in Reidsville. When this was taken this was also the view of US 158 eastbound but US 158 is moving to the bypass. NC 14 south has ended here since 1979.   Photo by Chris Curley.

NC 14 from US 29 Bypass south.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken December 7, 2012.

Former Southern Terminus (1940-79)

This is Scales St northbound at Harrison St in Reidsville. NC 14 north began here (straight ahead) from 1940-79. At that time, this was also US 29 Business northbound. This was also the east end of NC 65 at that time. US 158 and NC 87 also utilized this intersection.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken December 7, 2013.

Northern Terminus

NC 14 and NC 87 leaving the state line. Curious that 87 did not get a BEGIN banner. NC 14 north has ended here since the late 1960s.   Photo by Chris Curley.

NC 14 and NC 87 reaching the Virginia state line.   Photo by Chris Curley.

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