Interstate Highway 85 Bus

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

I-85, US 29, US 52, US 70 Linwood I-85, US 29, US 70 Sedgefield
I-85 Bus #2 I-73, I-85, US 29, US 70, US 421 Greensboro I-40, I-85, I-785, I-840 Greensboro

#1 Southern Terminus

I-85 north at I-85 Bus. This is where I-285 south will end when it is posted. Note that US 29-70 also exits here with US 52.   Photo by Chris Curley, taken October 16, 2000.

#1 Northern Terminus

I-85 Business north ending at I-85 north of High Point.  Photo by Adam Prince, taken February 2004.

#2 Southern Terminus

No photos available

#2 Northern Terminus

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